April 21, 2003
Sunday Night

4:30 P.M. - Nade leaves Xian and Ann's Apt.
6:30 - Nade breaks down right outside of Chicago
6:31 - Nade calls AAA
6:40 - after getting through all the formalities Nade has a Tow Truck sent his direction.
7:40 - Where in the world is my tow truck!
7:41 - Nade calls AAA to see where his tow truck is. they say it is on its way.
8:00 - Nade calls AAA to see where his tow truck is. they say it is on its way.
8:00 - Nade calls Xian and tells him the Nade is broken down
8:40 - Where in the world is MY TOW TRUCK!!!!
8:41 - Nade calls AAA to see where his tow truck is. they say it is on its way
9:00 - Xian shows up. (the tow truck is still not there)
9:15 - Nade and Xian wonder: Where in the WORLD IS MY TOW TRUCK!!!
9:16 - Nade Calls to find out where his tow truck is, they say it should be showing up any minute now.
9:30 - Nade and Xian wonder: Where in the world is my tow truck
9:31 - Nade calls AAA to see where his tow truck is, they say, who are you? We will send you a tow truck.
9:45 - Nade and Xian go and eat something at a McDonalds near Nade's car.
10:00 - Nade and Xian go back to Nade's Car and Wonder WHERE IN THE WORLD IS MY TOW TRUCK!!!!!
10:00 - Nade calls AAA to find out where his tow truck is and they tell him the toe truck will be there at They tell him that he will have it at 10:47
10:01 - Nade and Xian wonder how did 45 minutes turn into 1 hour and 15 minutes.
10:25 - Nades tow truck shows up and there is much rejoiceing.
10:30 - Nade goes back to Xians car with Xian and the Chicago Skyway personel all ask if Nade has got everything worked out. Nade says, it is good!
11:15 - Nade and Xian return to Xian and Ann's apt, only 6 hours and 45 minutes after Nade origonally Left.

So, How was your sunday?

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April 19, 2003
I am a Player (of video games)

I am at Xian and Ann's place for the weekend and we went to the conservatory today. The funny part was on the way back to the car, a guy, who was asking for money for gas for his car, and said he was a preacher, came up to us. One of the people with us he said was the good father, anouther had a wonderful smile, and Xian was a good obsever. Ann didn't even get a comment, but due to what I got as mine, might have been a good thing. Apperantly I am a BIG player. Acording to him the ladies all want me and I mess around with them quite often. I didn't even know this stuff, cause if I did then man, I would be married by now and able to go to Spring Arbor University. I did, however, promise him that I would choose one of the many women who would come "Knocking down my door" and settle down, so I don't have 3 kids from 3 differant girls.

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April 14, 2003
Happy day.

for all of you who have been reading my blog and saw the Keeping awake stratagies 1, 2 & 3 fo my physics class, I recieved a B+ for my grade there, so even though i wasn't paying attention, I was paying good enough attention to be able to pass the class comfortably. Just wanted to let you know that I am not a loser that goes to class doesn't pay attention and fails. I am one of those losers that goes to class doesn't pay attention and gets a good grade. ^_^

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J.R.R. Tolkien is here!

I am sitting at Ringwraith. a while ago I sat at Borrimer, and even before that I sat at Bilbo. Of corse I am refering to the Computers in The WCC computer lab. All of them are named and labled characters or things from the world of Tolkien. Such things amuse me so much that I just have to share with others, who knows maybe next time I will sit at Smog or Gandalf or... (for all those fan girls out there) Legolas. Who knows and Tolkien is the limit.

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April 10, 2003

Well, I had a talk with my SAU transfer rep today and this is what I got: I am not an idependent + I do not have a younger sibling going to a private school + My parents aren't going to pay for college = I am not going to SAU. There is no more finantial aid avalable for me and so... I have no money to go. I told her that I would not give up just yet, because who knows I might just have the coolest thing happen which would enable me to go, but at this point I am college serching (Since beleave it or not I didn't have a back up plan this time.) So far the colleges that I am looking at are MSU, EMU and University of Wissconsin. If anyone has any good ideas for colleges that have good education programs that I should look into, let me know. I am not restricked to Michigan. I moved here 2 years ago with no real reason to come, besides I wanted to go to U of M... Oh, how life has changed from that simple and rustic time, where there was a black and a white with no gray in between. How I have grown how, others have grown around me...

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April 07, 2003
Lord, Help me.

To all of those who care and know that I was planning on going to Spring Arbor University for the next 2 years of college, I am going to give you a status report. As of this point I can't afford it, or at least can't with out putting myself into a whole lot lot lot of debt. As it stand right now, I am about $11,000 short of being able to go. Usually I would not post this kind of stuff, but I am saverly stressed out about the turn of events. I would like to ask for prayer, and a lot of it. Some ideas on "inside" ways of comming up with that kind of money would be helpful, you know you guys who have already gone to spring arbor, any assistance would be helpful, but deffinatly, I NEED PRAYER. Not much can happen in this situation with out gods help.

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April 02, 2003
boring class staying awake stragtagy #s 2 &3

I have found two more good ways to keep awake during class, that are not so obviouse as playing a CCG in class. One of the more stealthy moves is to play Pokemon Ruby on your GBA SP. Its fun it is easy and also you can do it when you are watching a very boring movie in class when the lights are out due to the front lighting. just keep it under the desk so no one will see. The other is to do your japanese homework in class. Hey, you are doing something acedemic, you are just a little off topic. This was truely a beutiful thing. As always these stratagys do not work on lab days and use them with discrestion. Also do not just do any homework, do homework that requires as little thought as possible (like japanese), so that you can semi pay attention in class. you need to soak some of this information in you know. -_^

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